How to Fix a Keurig That Doesn’t Pour

We love our Keurig coffee maker and we think you do too. Unfortunately, they do get problems and stop pouring water sometimes. If that happens to you do not go out and buy a new one right away! You may be able to fix your old one in just a few minutes with a simple trick.

  1. First, you should unplug your Keurig machine.
  2. Remove the water reservoir and then open the machine and remove the pod holder.
  3. You may find it easier to rest the Keurig machine on its side at this point.
  4. Around the needle that punctures the K-cup there may be a rubber washer. If you find one then remove it.
  5. Now take an unbent paper clip and work the wire in and out of the area where the water is dispensed. It is possible that this area has become clogged and forcing the wire into it will clean it.
  6. Now replace the washer, K-cup holder and water reservoir. Plug the machine back in and try brewing water without a K-cup in place.
  7. If hot water is dispensed into the cup then you should reward yourself with a tasty hot beverage! (Note: Some older Keurig machines are known to have issues with the pump or valve. Do not try to access these areas of your machine unless you are a properly trained technician.)

We used this video (not ours) to write out the steps:

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